zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Howitzer and moorhammer mix

So i have been watching joerg spraves videos again and the low and very wide fork grabbed my intention, now the problem was that im a sideway shooter and the moorhammer is fistgrip only so i did some searching and ended op on the hand howitzer design also from joerg so i decided to make a mix between the two and so did it start by making a thick wooden board out of a stump i had laying around and heres the progress so far ;) and look at dat grain :p

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Finished bat-a-pult

So here he is again all sanded by some scraps of sandpaper i got (thanks!) and now getting rubbed in olive oil 2 times a day

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Decu scrub tabaco pipe

A simpel small tabaco pipe made with a pocket knive a drill for the hole. And a burner for the details

Totaly in the theme of legend of zelda

Its made to look like a decu scrub on the front it has the signs for power wisdom and courage on the back and a simpel triforce on the bottem

Scrap metal-pult

Found out yesterday evening that my town has a small scrapyard so today i went out and see if i could create myself a slingshot made of scrap metal this is what it turned out to be
I got the handle from an old giant telephone thing ... And the fork came from an old intertype

dinsdag 13 maart 2012


This is my second slingshot i named it the bat-apult because the forks kind of look like bat wings made out of natural fork i found using my knive and a dremmel tool with the sanding bit on it
It is not polished or anything because i dont have money to buy what i need for that also i dont have sanding paper so yeah

Zelda slingshot

Using that knive again a soldering iron a dremmel and some paint i created my first slingshot i got inspired by slingshots by joerg sprave